This course is taught as both COMP 585 and COMP 585H. This website is the website for both courses. There is a different syllabus for each course.

Serious Games are training, learning, or propaganda games used in schools, the military, companies, and the public service sector. The premise behind studying serious games is three-fold:

This course is intended as a broad introduction to the field of serious games. We will look at a number of examples of existing serious games in order to learn through case studies. The focus will be on game design but we will also look at development issues. We will explore both serious game design and development and how the components of games may be applicable to other areas.

In order to study serious games, however, we also need to study games. We will therefore look at the design of games in general.

The course project this semester is a game that is developed for an outside client. These are people with identified needs They will be your domain experts who understand the needs, the objectives, the audience and the way to evaluate the result. They are also the people who will need to be adding content to the game.

Attendance: You are expected to be at all classes when your classmates are presenting. Attendance will be taken on those days. You may receive up to a 5 point grade penalty for unexcused absences.

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