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  1. Campus Makerspaces

    Thu 19 January 2017

    In Ideas.

    Remember the campus Makerspace when thinking about your projects. Lots of neat capabilities and resources that they will train you to use. What amazing 3D printed thing could you do?

    Or what could you do with a giant puppet?

    Maker in Residence Program Apply by January 25th We are now …

  2. Aphasia Training this Sunday

    Thu 19 January 2017

    In Ideas.

    The Triangle Aphasia Project has a training session this Sunday 22 January from 3 to 5 in Cary. I'm planning to go and if you're interested in a project related to aphasia you should consider it.

    You can read more here.

  3. Project ideas

    Wed 18 January 2017

    In Ideas.

    Here is the beginning of a list of project ideas. I hope to break them out into individual posts here but this will get you started.