Enabling Technology

BATS homework due 2/4/02

For this homework, you will download, install, and work with a prototype of BATS, the Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System. For each step of the assignment, keep notes about how you interact with the software. Keep track of what is easy/difficult, what can be improved, what can be replaced, what can be added, etc. On 2/4, we will critque BATS as a class, discuss how it can be improved, and apply lessons learned to our thinking about final projects.

Note: There is support for tactile feedback in this demo. If you do not have a tactile device, see Missy Wood in room 228 to borrow a joystick or trackball for an hour or so. Also, please wear headphones when using the demo if possible. The spatial sound is much more effective using them instead of standard speakers (unless you have a surround sound system.)