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Orientation and Mobility

Diane Brauner and Brook Smith have expertise in working with people who are blind. Diane is an Orientation and Mobility (O&M) specialist who works with people aged 3 to 21 years. Brook is a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI). Diane instructed us in some of the basics of orientation and mobility and gave us the opportunity to try for ourselves.

Part One: getting the facts

Cane Travel

Two Point Cane touch technique

Cane Tips

Clues and Landmarks




Sighted guide



Part 2: practicing what we learned

We were then given the opportunity to try what we had learned. Diane provided us with canes and blindfolds. Something as simple as traveling in a familiar hallway or walking up steps suddenly became a challenge for us. For the last few minutes of class Diane critiqued our performance and we discussed the experience.

How we did

How we felt

Thanks to Diane and Brook for this experience. As students we are very used to listening to lectures and walking away feeling that we understand. However, all bets were off when those blindfolds came on. We quickly forgot what we had learned about proper protection and cane technique. We all came away with a much greater appreciation for the students who confidently make their way down crowded hallways.


Diane demonstrates cane to the class. Water fountain challenge.

Negotiating stairs with a cane.

Gary who is blind.

Students practicing sighted guide.

The person who is blind leading the person who is 

More Pictures:

Navigating with confidence?