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Sandra Hall
April 28, 2003


Exploring Disabilities Virtually: AnyTown MOO


Project Proposal
Midterm Slide Presentation
Final Slide Presentation

Project Code

Visit the AnyTown MOO Website


Links to information on tools used:

enCore and enCore Xpress
MOO programming
(One of many)


The Future of AnyTown MOO

Several programmer friends have expressed interest in helping to continue this project. I would like to see this project offered online to teachers as a tool to use in their integrated classrooms and as a public online community open to everyone. I plan to ask my department on campus (Family Support Network) to host the MOO on their server once the building of most objects is complete. Information on how to use the MOO in the classroom would also be provided at the site. Now that the tools are in place on AnyTown MOO to build disability-related characters and their appropriate objects, the building of the community should go fairly quickly.