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The Biomedical Analysis and Simulation Supercomputer (BASS, pronounced like base) consists of 452 CPUs tightly coupled to each other and to 180 GPU Computing Processors that function as image and geometry calculation accelerators, providing the equivalent computing power of over thirteen thousand processors for image-intensive applications.

In 2013, the BASS completed its five-year mission to support biomedical researchers throughout the UNC campus and the United States. It is now a UNC Computer-Science-supported resource, maintained and managed as part of the departmental computing resources by CS facilities support. Non-CS biomedical researchers are still welcome to use the machine; see Get an account for how to get an account.

  • A short description of the purpose for the machine is available on the Purpose page.
  • A Thank you! to those who made the system possible is on the acknowledgments page.

Getting started

Upcoming Events of Interest

BASS users without CS logins need to provide an account number to continue using the machine past June of this year.

Other information

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