We're still working on this program. Please let us know what you think of it by emailing us at! Thanks!
—William Condon
—Dr. Gary Bishop

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What Can I Do?

You can write a document! You can do math! You can do both at once!


Motor-disabled people are often unable to use a computer keyboard, which prevents them from accessing most computer functions. However, they can often use simple buttons or joysticks with an onscreen "virtual keyboard." In addition, learning-disabled people often need a simple typing program with word-completion to enable them to write much better.

Most existing programs are executable files, which system administrators must install on each individual machine. However - even aside from only working on a single computer - they have several problems. For example, it is quite hard to switch between applications, and they have no embedded calculator.

CalcuType is a simple Web-based text editor and calculator which works entirely inside the browser. Therefore, it can run on any Internet-capable computer. It has built-in text editing, mathematical equation solving, and word completion.