Jeff Terrell

Jeff Terrell
Ph.D. Computer Science, 2009
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

jsterrel AT


Update (2012-09-08): I am no longer a student at UNC! I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation on May 5, 2009, and I graduated in August, 2009. With the help of advisors Kevin Jeffay and Don Smith, I devised a novel way of managing the performance of a diverse set of network-based applications.

In certain ways, life hasn't changed all that much since graduation. I still live in Durham, NC, and I still work on largely the same research—although the goal has shifted from graduating with a Ph.D. to finding customers and making money at the company I started, Altometrics, at which I am currently the CTO. I'm still an avid programmer who delights in matters of elegance and style.

In other ways, life is pretty different. The biggest change is that I'm now quite happily married to Emily, a wonderful woman and the best partner I could imagine. Also, my programming tastes have shifted (some would say evolved) towards Ruby (and Rails) and, currently, Clojure.

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