by Sasa Junuzovic and Jeff Terrell

eMancala is an excellent program. You should try it. Yay.

Final Report

Here is our final presentation.

User Stories

Or, see the common user stories.

Technical Infrastructure

We are implementing eMancala using side-by-side extreme programming methodology, Eclipse, and Java 5.0.


Download the release version 1.0 here. Release notes and installation instructions are included in the zip file. (Beta versions 0.5 and 0.6 are also available.)

Hour log

18 hours (of an estimated 18.5) were spent on the first release, including:

6.25 was spent on refactoring the beta-0.5 version.

17.5 hours (of an estimated 12) have been spent on release 2, including:

Here are the hours worked per day.

Last updated: 7:16pm Tue Apr 18, 2006