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Jeff Terrell
Ph.D. Computer Science, 2009
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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In the interest of open source, and in the interest of keeping Mr. Webmaster honest, here is the PHP source of diversions/index.php. (This encourages him to write clean, easy-to-understand code...well, relatively clean and easy-to-understand, that is.) If you become interested in PHP, you can read more about it at PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. You will also see plenty of HTML code, which is what makes the World Wide Web go 'round. You can read more about HTML (and CSS, another technology used on this site) here, at the official page of the very official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Anyway, enough rambling, here's the code!

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  <p>Every grad student has favorite ways to kill time on the Internet.  Usually, they are happy to share their time wasting techniques with you--unless you are their advisor.  Here are some of mine:</p>


    <dt><a href="">Piled Higher &amp; Deeper</a></dt>
    <dd>Have you ever heard that Dilbert isn't really funny until you spend time in industry?  Well, the same might be true of Ph.D. comics.  Then again, many of the jokes hit kind of close to home.</dd>

    <dt><a href=""></a></dt>
    <dd>This site bills itself as &quot;News for nerds, stuff that matters&quot;.  What it doesn't say is that the stories (and forums) are usually quite biased towards Linux, open source, intellectual freedom, and that sort of thing.  (I usually don't read the forums unless I'm <em>really</em> wasting time!)  Other good tech news sites include <a href="">Ars Technica</a> and <a href="">The Register</a>.</dd>

    <dt><a href=""> NCAA Basketball</a></dt>
    <dd>As many have prophesied, after moving to North Carolina, I am now a college basketball fan.  As such, I often spend a lot of time checking the latest results and ratings.</dd>

    <dt><a href="">Analog Science Fiction</a></dt>
    <dd>There are plenty sources of good sci-fi on the Internet.  This is one.  (See especially the Nebula nominees.)  Others include <a href="">Baen's Free Library</a> and <a href="">Asimov's Science Fiction</a>.</dd>


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