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Stanely N., Kwitt R, Niethammer M., Mucha P..  2017.  Compressing Networks with Super Nodes. arXiv.
Hofer C., Kwitt R, Niethammer M., Hoeller Y., Trinka E., Uhl A..  2017.  Constructing Shape Spaces from a Topological Perspective. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI). PDF icon hofer2017_ipmi.pdf (492.78 KB)
Hofer C., Kwitt R, Niethammer M., Uhl A..  2017.  Deep Learning with Topological Signatures. arXiv.
Han X., Yang X, Aylward S, Kwitt R, Niethammer M..  2017.  Efficient Registration of Pathological Images: A Joint PCA/Image-Reconstruction Approach. ISBI. PDF icon Han et al.: Registration of pathological images (956.15 KB)
Yang X, Kwitt R, Styner M., Niethammer M..  2017.  Fast Predictive Multimodal Image Registration. ISBI. PDF icon Yang et al.: Fast predictive multimodal image registration (1.6 MB)
Ding Z., Fleishman G., Yang X, Thompson P., Kwitt R, Niethammer M., .  2017.  Fast Predictive Simple Geodesic Regression. MICCAI Workshop on Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis (DLMIA). PDF icon fast_predictive_simple_geodesic_regression_dlmia.pdf (1.04 MB)
Yang X, Kwitt R, Styner M., Niethammer M..  2017.  Quicksilver: Fast Predictive Image Registration – A Deep Learning Approach. NeuroImage. 158PDF icon neuroimage-quicksilver-preprint.pdf (8.72 MB)
Hong Y, Yang X, Kwitt R, Styner M., Niethammer M..  2017.  Regression Uncertainty on the Grassmannian. Proceedings of the AISTATS conference. PDF icon aistats_2017_hong_et_al.pdf (3.99 MB)
Yang X, Kwitt R, Niethammer M..  2016.  Fast Predictive Image Registration. arXiv. PDF icon yang_arxiv_2016.pdf (3.11 MB)
Kwitt R, Hegenbart S, Niethammer M.  2016.  One-Shot Learning of Scene Categories via Feature Trajectory Transfer. Proceedings of the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). PDF icon kwitt_cvpr_2016.pdf (3.5 MB)
Hong Y, Singh N, Kwitt R, Vasconcelos N, Niethammer M.  2016.  Parametric Regression on the Grassmannian. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. PDF icon hong_pami_2016.pdf (3.47 MB)PDF icon hong_pami_2016_supplementary_material.pdf (472.73 KB)
Yang X, Han X., Park E., Aylward S, Kwitt R, Niethammer M..  2016.  Registration of Pathological Images. Proceedings of the MICCAI Workshop on Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging (SASHIMI). PDF icon yang_miccai_2016_tumor.pdf (5.08 MB)
Aylward S, McCormick M, Kang HJ, Razzaque S, Kwitt R, Niethammer M.  2016.  Ultrasound Spectroscopy. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI). PDF icon 2016-ISBI-Aylward-UltrasoundSpectroscopy.pdf (261.66 KB)