DTI Longitudinal Atlas Construction as an Average of Growth Models

TitleDTI Longitudinal Atlas Construction as an Average of Growth Models
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHart G, Shi Y, Zhu H, Sanchez M, Styner M, Niethammer M
Conference NameMICCAI, International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Image Analysis for Longitudinal and Time-Series Image Data

Existing atlas-building methods for diusion-tensor images are not designed for longitudinal data. This paper proposes a novel longitudinal atlas-building framework explicitly accounting for temporal dependencies of longitudinal MRI data. Subject-specic growth modeling, cross-sectional atlas-building and growth modeling in atlas space are combined with statistical longitudinal modeling, resulting in a longitudinal diffusion tensor atlas. The method captures changes in morphology, while modeling temporal changes and allowing to account for covariates. The component algorithms are based on large-displacement metric mapping formulations. To effectively account for measurements sparse in time, a continuous-discrete growth model is proposed. The method is applied to a longitudinal dataset of diffusion-tensor magnetic resonance brain images of developing macaque monkeys with time-points at ages 2 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months.