Time-frequency representation of Lamb waves using the reassigned spectrogram

TitleTime-frequency representation of Lamb waves using the reassigned spectrogram
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsNiethammer M, Jacobs LJ, Qu J, Jarzynski J
JournalAcoustic Research Letters Online

This brief note reports on a study that applies the reassigned spectrogram (the reassigned energy density spectrum of the short-time Fourier transform [STFT]) to develop the dispersion curves for multimode Lamb waves propagating in an aluminum plate. The proposed procedure first uses the spectrogram to operate on a single, laser-generated and detected waveform to develop the dispersion relationship for this plate. Next, a reassignment procedure is used to refine the time-frequency resolution of the calculated dispersion curves. This reassignment operation clarifies the definition of the measured modes. This study demonstrates that the reassigned spectrogram is capable of distinguishing multiple, closely spaced Lamb modes in the ultrasonic frequency range.

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