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I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science at UNC in 1979 and have lived in Chapel Hill since then. I came back to UNC after retiring from IBM in June 2004. I focus on undergraduate teaching, including courses for upperclassmen and for non-majors. I am the adviser for the BS/MS program, which gives me the opportunity to work with students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

I also collaborate with Dr. Alex Tropsha from the School of Pharmacy building a web site, Chembench, that provides drug discovery tools for public use.

My work in software engineering has furthered my appreciation of Dr. Brooks's concept of the computer scientist as toolsmith. It has given me the opportunity to work with organizations across campus, non-profits in the area, and the entrepreneur community. It also heightened my awareness of the need for software engineers to understand the implications and ethical issues related to their work and lead to teach a course in that area.

Several years ago students asked me to offer a course about games and I now regularly teach courses in the field of serious games (games with a use beyond entertainment). Combining my interest in games and software engineering has lead me to exploration of what we can learn from games to improve our software.

I worked for IBM for 25 years and was named an IBM Fellow in 1994. While at IBM I had the opportunity to work with international teams, create conferences for women, create an "intrapreneurship" within the company, and help govern the company's Academy of Technology. My work revolved around networking and software engineering, including

My other professional interests include encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and extending the reach of computer science to under-represented communities (including women)

Outside of work, I enjoy travel, reading, and animals. I've traveled to all seven continents and we're now working our way through the National Parks. My daughter works as an environemntal specialist for the federal government and my husband is happily retired from IBM. In July 2017, we welcomed a grandson into our family.

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