Individual project grade is 80% of your final grade. The grade is based on the overall results, including peer and client evaluations. Quality and timeliness of all deliverables are key considerations.

The grade is an individual grade, not a team grade. If the team, the client and I all agree that contributions were equivalent, each team member will receive the same grade. If there are significant variances in the work done by team members, this grade can vary significantly. Specifically, there will be a score computed for the project and then an individual contribution factor will be applied to that number. For example, if it is determined that one person did considerably less than the others on the team, that individual's grade would be multiplied by an appropriate factor -- perhaps 80% of the score. Specifically the multiplier can range from .8 to 1.1.  I will rarely go over 1 as I basically believe that you should not get a grade better than the project, but there are exceptions to every rule. 

Project grade will be based 40% on code, 30% on documentation, 5% on the team's record of on-time delivery, and 5% on professionalism. 

Team presentations will constitute 10% of your final grade. There are two team presentations.  The midterm presentation will be worth 3% of your grade and the final presentation, 7%. There will be a single grade given to the entire team for this piece of the work.

Quizzes and critique will make up the last 10% of your grade. There will be one quiz (March 22). The quiz will cover the broader scope of software engineering as covered in class lectures.  Based on performance on the quiz, I've concluded that practice writing about software engineering is useful but that time constraints are not helpful.The second "quiz" will be a short essay.  You'll have 48 hours to write it and it will be limited to 2 pages.  The critique of another team's documentation will also count as a quiz. Quizzes will constitute 75% of this section and the critique will be 25%.

The final exam is the team presentation and documentation