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  • Refereed Journal Publications

    • Compression of Multiple Depth-Maps for IBR   [PDF] [BIB]
      Sashi Kumar Penta and P. J. Narayanan
      Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications, October, 2005 (PG 2005) [The original publication will be available at Springer - Special issue of The Visual Computer (TVC) ]

  • Refereed Conference Publications

    • Depth+Texture Representation for Image Based Rendering   [PDF] [BIB]
      P. J. Narayanan, Sashi Kumar Penta and Sireesh Reddy K
      Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, December 2004 (ICVGIP 2004)

    • Depth Images: Representations and Real-time Rendering   [PDF] [BIB]
      Pooja Verlani, Aditi Goswami, P. J. Narayanan, Shekhar Dwivedi and Sashi Kumar Penta
      Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission, June 14-16, 2006 (3DPVT 2006)

    • Fluid in Video: Augmenting Real Video with Simulated Fluids
      Vivek Kwatra, Philippos Mordohai, Sashi Kumar Penta , Rahul Narain, Mark Carlson, Marc Pollefeys, and Ming Lin
      To appear in Eurographics 2008.

  • Reports
    • Depth Image Representation for Image Based Rendering   [PDF] [BIB]
      Sashi Kumar Penta
      MS Thesis, 2005

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