Monday Wednesday
Client Presentations
Assignment: Project Preferences due 9 pm
Client Meetings (locations)
September 2-6 Labor Day
Assignment: Web Site due by 8 am
Requirements Phase
September 9-13 Scheduling and Project Mgmt
Assignment: User Stories and Personas due by 8 am
Software Development Processes
Assignment: Platform Selection due by 8 am
September 16-20 Guest Speaker: Ian Kim, version control
Assignment: Functional Spec and Technology Topic Proposal due by 8 am
Software Architecture and Design
Assignment: Initial Schedule due by 8 am
September 23-27 Guest Speaker: Ed Summers (SAS), Accessibility
Assignment: Technology Spike -- a demo of the piece of code that you are least familiar with or most uncertain of (to be demoed at this week's meeting)
Guest Speaker: Renato Pereyra (Red Ventures), Multi-Platform Web Development
Assignment: Architecture Diagram and High-level Design
Sept 30-Oct 4 Demo 1 (RPSTIR, Braille Squad, SAI, UNC App, Open Data, Tarheel Reader Tester) Demo 1 (Q/A Site, NodeSpace, JonesBoard, Tutoring, IVI, MyHealthEd)
Assignment: Functional Spec Review due by end of day
Requirements phase ends on Friday, Oct 4
October 7-11 User Interfaces (GUIs, command lines, APIs) Agile Programming (Extreme Programming, SCRUM)
October 14-18 Tech Talks:
Python for Screenscraping (SAI),
Django (IVI)
Tech Talk: Node.js (NodeSpace)
Testing and Test Plans

October 21-25 Guest Speaker: Mike Reiter (UNC), Security Guest Speaker: Mike Reiter (UNC), Security
essay 1 due at 8 am
Oct 28-Nov 1 Tech Talks:
Drupal (JonesBoard),
Tech Talks:
Selenium (Tarheel Tester),
Gerrit (OpenNC)
November 4-8 Tech Talks:
Corona (UNC Mobile),
Demo 2 (UNC Mobile, Braille Squad, Open Data NC, NodeSpace)
Demo 2 (JonesBoard, MyHealthEd, RPSTIR, SAI, IVI, Q/A Site, Tutoring, Tarheel Reader)
Design and implementation phase ends November 8
November 11-15 Demo 2 (Tutoring, Tarheel Reader)
Tech Talks:
VoiceOver (Braille Squad),
Openshift (Tutor Sched)

Test Plan due
Tech Talks:
LTI (Q/A Site),
Moodle (MyHealthEd)
November 18-22 Testing Security and Privacy
November 25-30 Guest Speaker: Fred Brooks (UNC), Mythical Man-Month
essay 2 due at beginning of class
December 2-6 Intellectual Property and Wrap Up
Guest Speaker: Brenda Haynes (Genworth Financial), experience from the field
first drafts of design document and user manuals due at beginning of class
December 9-13 Final Exam 12:00pm-3:00pm
All final deliverables due
Completion phase ends December 9
Assignment: Evaluations
Due TUESDAY at 12 pm