Overall Contribution

project 75%
technology talk 15%
individual assignments 10%


I compute a single grade for the project, based on the following percentages:

process 25%
code 25%
documentation 20%
final presentation 5%

I then apply an individual contribution multiplier for each person. This value is based on my observations as well as the evaluations by your client, any consultants, and your peers. The multiplier ranges from .7 to 1.1, but a value above 1 is only used in exceptional cases. Basically, I do not believe that you should be able to get a better grade than the product you produced.

A few more details:

Technology Talk

Your grade will include both content and style. I will be looking to see if you understand what you are presenting and whether you are communicating well with your classmates.

Individual Assignments

There will be two essays assigned. The intent is to introduce you to the classic literature of the field. Grading will be based on the demonstration of understanding the content, reasonable proofing, and following instructions.