These are summaries of the what needs to be in various documents and deliverables. Detailed descriptions are found in the individual pages, referenced from Deliverables.

Web Template

The home page for each website is to have drection navigation to the following sections with these names. While exact format and appearance do not matter, please keep them in this logical sequence. However, if some of the material is directly on the page and others are links, remember that all links should be available WITHOUT scrolling.

Functional Spec Template

The functional spec should follow the following outline and be captured in a single document:

Project Plan

The project plan is to follow the following format

Project Plan Model
Sam Jane Harry Due Revision
(Oct 10)
architecture diagram description (environment) Oct 3 Oct 3 Oct 2
module decomposition table processing user management visualization Oct 7 Oct 7 Oct 7
database structure table tables user tables query validation Oct 10 Oct 10 Oct 12
interfaces command lines content creation visualization Oct 10 Oct 12 Oct 13

Test Plan Template

The test plan must include two sections:

Each of these sections must include:

In addition they may include (as appropriate):

Design Document Template

Generally the design document will include the following sections, but every project is unique and if you can't think of anything useful to say, you probably don't need the section.

User Manual

The user manual is best organized by roles and functions and should include such topics as:

Screenshots are definitely helpful. Online tool tips and FAQs are definitely desirable.

If there are good documents for installing prerequisites, point to them. Do not reinvent them.

Administrator Manual

The administrator manual is designed to help someone create, run, backup and restore the site. Your document should include:

If there are good documents for installing components, point to them. Do not reinvent them.