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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I've been playing around with Thingamablog, a nice little standalone application you can use to manage a site without having to use a database on your server--the approach appeals to me since the resulting web site is portable and more secure. But I wanted to be able to support comments. I poked around a bit, didn't find anything that really suited me or worked easily. I did find a nice page, part of Notes from James, that had a simple set of php scripts that would enable comments. That worked nicely, but it wasn't very secure, so I started playing with it and before long I had something workable, at least for my needs. It's still in need of testing and poking and prodding, so if you give it a try send me some feedback. I'm calling it Thingamacomment, and the current version is 0.9d.

The short version of how it works is you edit the template pages in your Thingamablog with some php code to pull in comments or parts of Thingamacomment. The commenting code and data are stored in a folder named "comments" at the root of the Thingamablog software. Comments are stored in a files folder and are named after the Thingamablog article to which they belong. When a user added a new comment, the comment is put into a small file named with an article number and a timestamp, and then are appended to the appropriate comments file, either immediately or after confirmation by the blog owner. When a comment is address, an email is sent to the blog owner (either with a confirmation URL or just to let the owner know).

For the long version, see the enclosed readme file.

The scripts also try to prevent malicious use by stripping out html tags, and looking for malformed data in email messages. It can also use ReCaptcha to help filter out bot traffic.

Posted by bil at 11:13 AM
Edited on: Sunday, March 21, 2010 4:34 PM
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Comment by guest - Sunday 07th February 2010 09:31:14 AM

testing your comments feature
Comment by Matthew Carrick - Thursday 11th February 2010 02:05:31 PM

Thanks for this Bill. With Haloscan morphing into echo I was looking for something nice and low-res.
Comment by bil - Thursday 11th February 2010 02:53:05 PM

Thanks! Pop me some email to let me know how it works out for you.
Comment by bil - Sunday 21st March 2010 08:01:58 AM

Comment by jesus2099 - Saturday 17th April 2010 11:12:40 AM

How about gravatar support ?
Comment by bil - Saturday 17th April 2010 02:02:33 PM

Not likely, as I don't know what that is. (;
Comment by my name - Wednesday 05th May 2010 04:31:50 AM

testing the comment feature. Looks good.
Comment by Jason - Wednesday 19th May 2010 07:23:09 AM

Just testing the system. If this works - Woohoooo
Comment by akash - Thursday 03rd June 2010 01:43:16 AM

test is complete
Comment by Jan - Friday 16th July 2010 01:07:52 PM

Looks nice and clean, may try it out
Comment by Am M - Thursday 05th August 2010 12:26:53 AM

Looks great. Will it work as a standalone comment feature or just with Thingamablog?

Comment by baz - Monday 30th August 2010 07:50:52 AM

Thingamacomment looks cool - nice job.
Comment by Zack - Tuesday 17th May 2011 09:41:06 PM

I'd love to use this for my blog!