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Web Accessibility: Making Your Web Site Accessible to the Blind

Categories | Disabilities: Visual | Communication: Internet |

Description - This brief article gives a nice introduction to the various issues surrounding accessibility of websites to the visually impaired. While the suggestions offered by this article are limited in scope, it is a decent starting point for exploring the challenges of designing sites that are easily browsable for all users.

Submitted by Greg Lanier

Trace Research and Development Center

Categories | Interfaces: Devices | Communication: Telephone | Communication: Internet |

Description - Universal / accessibility design principles and products.

Submitted by Suzanne Vogel

AbleData: Explore the World of Assistive Technology

Categories | Interfaces: Devices | Communication: Internet |

Description - This site contains a database of over 19,000 currently available assistive devices/products.

Submitted by Jeremy Cribb

Linux Accessibility HOWTO

Categories | Interfaces: Devices | Communication: Internet |

Description - Describes how to setup Linux accessibility features

Submitted by Dorian Miller

The Unigesture Approach: One-Handed Text Entry for Small Devices

Categories | Interfaces: Tactile | Interfaces: Devices | Communication: Internet |

Description - An alternative input device requiring only tilting.

Submitted by Gary Bishop

Query-by-critique: Spoken Language Access to Large Lists

Categories | Disabilities: Visual | Interfaces: Auditory | Communication: Internet | Information visualization: Text |

Description - Spoken language access to lists of information.

Submitted by Gary Bishop