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Categories | Disabilities: Auditory | Interfaces: Visual | Communication: Telephone | Communication: Face-to-face |

Description - Develop a communication system that visually shows speech in some form to people who are deaf without relying on a full-blown and often faulty speech recognition system. One idea would be to break the speech into phonemes which could the be watched and assembled into words by the user.

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Trace Research and Development Center

Categories | Interfaces: Devices | Communication: Telephone | Communication: Internet |

Description - Universal / accessibility design principles and products.

Submitted by Suzanne Vogel

Braille PDA/Phone Combo

Categories | Disabilities: Visual | Interfaces: Auditory | Interfaces: Tactile | Interfaces: Devices | Communication: Telephone |

Description - A combination PDA/Phone that uses braille and speech output. No visual display at all.

Submitted by Andrew Raij