Enabling Technology

Spring 2004



Gary Bishop
gb at cs.unc.edu
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Course Materials

Book report choices

Norman. D. The Design of Everyday Things. Basic Books. September 17, 2002. ISBN 020532715X.

John Hockenberry, Moving Violations: War Zones, Wheelchairs and Declarations of Independence, ISBN 0786881623

Irving Kenneth Zola, Missing Pieces: A Chronicle of Living With a Disability, ISBN 1592132448

John M. Hull, Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness ISBN 067973547X

William Rush, Journey Out of Silence, ASIN 0939644215

Nora Ellen Groce, Everyone here spoke sign language: hereditary Deafness on Marthas Vineyard, ISBN 067427041X

Oliver Sacks, Seeing Voices, ISBN 0375704078

Marcia Scherer, Living in the State ofStuck, ISBN 1571290796

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The resource tree provides multiple views of material related to assistive technology. The subcategories link to pages containing project ideas, lecture notes, and external links.

Final Projects

Class Projects

In-class Schedule

1/8/04 Introduction
1/13/04 More on Projects
1/15/04 Video: Enable
1/20/04 Diane Brauner
1/22/04 Kevin Webb
1/27/04 Snow
1/29/04 3D Sound
2/3/04 Dorothy Strickland, Games for kids with autism
2/5/04 Lynne Deese, NC Assistive Technology Project
2/10/04 Richard Goldberg, BME AT Proejcts
2/12/04 Sound and Fury
2/17/04 Charles Finley, Cochlear Implants
2/19/04 Project Proposals
2/24/04 Project Proposals, Sound and Fury discussion
2/26/04 Karen Erickson and Sally Clendon, Augmented Communication
3/4/04 Mary Whitton, IRB
3/9/04 Spring Break
3/11/04 Spring Break
3/16/04 Tim Saltuklaroglu on Stuttering Research at ECU
3/18/04 Benny Phillips
3/23/04 Barbara Riverdahl, web accessibility
3/25/04 Alex McLin, deafness
3/30/04 Monique Moore, autism
4/1/04 Thomas Logan, Microsoft Accessibility
4/6/04 How Difficult Can This Be?
4/8/04 No Class
4/13/04 No Class
4/15/04 Project Presentations
4/20/04 Project Presentations
4/22/04 Project Presentations


Other Lectures

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