Technology 2003

Spring 2003



Dr. Gary Bishop
Research group

Teaching assistant

Peter Parente

Course Materials

Required textbook

Bryant, D. and B. Bryant. Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities. Allyn & Bacon. July 12, 2002. ISBN 020532715X.

Optional textbook

Norman. D. The Design of Everyday Things. Basic Books. September 17, 2002. ISBN 020532715X.

Resource Tree

The resource tree provides multiple views of material related to assistive technology. The subcategories link to pages containing project ideas, lecture notes, and external links.

Final Projects

Class Projects

COMP 145 ET Projects

In-class Lectures

1/7/03 Introduction
1/9/03 Video: Enable
1/14/03 Diane Brauner and Brook Smith: Orientation and Mobility
1/16/03 Jim Kessler: Disabilities Overview
1/21/03 Project Idea Discussion
1/23/03 Cancelled: Snow
1/28/03 Dorothy Strickland: Developing web delivered computer programs for children with special needs
1/30/03 Jason Morris: JAWS
2/4/03 BATS Discussion
2/6/03 A. Lynne Deese: North Carolina Assistive Technology Program
2/11/03 Monique Moore: Autism
2/13/03 Open discussion
2/18/03 Richard Goldberg: Assistive Technology Ethics
2/20/03 No class
2/25/03 Video: F.A.T. City
2/27/03 Debbie Miller: Learning Disabilities
3/4/03 Project status reports
3/6/03 Project status reports
3/11/03 Spring break
3/13/03 Spring break
3/18/03 Richard Goldberg: Assistive Technology Research
3/20/03 Sharif Razzaque: Cochlear Implants
3/25/03 Video: Sound and Fury
3/27/03 Tim Saltuklaroglu: Stuttering Research
4/1/03 Discussion: Sound and Fury
4/3/03 Greg Welch: Mobility
4/8/03 Gail Jones: Research and Evaluation
4/10/03 Mary Whitton: IRBs
4/15/03 Project Presentations
4/17/03 Project Presentations
4/22/03 Project Presentations
4/24/03 Project Presentations


Other Lectures

1/14/03 Working with people with disabilities and their familes (Linn Wakeford, Frank Porter)
328 Phillips 12:30-2:00
2/11/03 Ethical issues with assistive technology
328 Phillips 12:30-2:00
2/18/03 Towards safer designs
328 Phillips 12:30-2:00
3/18/03 Technical Writing
328 Phillips 12:30-2:00
3/25/03 How will you evaluate your projects
328 Phillips 12:30-2:00
4/1/03 Living with a disability (Covey Lathan)
328 Phillips 12:30-2:00
4/22/03 Final Presentations: Rehabilitation Engineering Design
08 Peabody Hall 12:30-2:30